We back mission-driven founders harnessing frontier technology to solve humankind’s sustainability on our planet.


Humankind is facing major existential threats.

As a society, we continue our steady march toward progress: billions of people will join the middle-class, gain access to technology, and have the means to participate in the future economy. This positive transformation will inevitably drive unintended consequences threatening our future: per capita CO2 emissions will increase, our need of finite resources will grow, and the inequality gap will widen.

However, we believe in a prosperous future where sustainability is the defining business practice globally. The proliferation of software and the digitization of our physical world. The reduction in hardware and material costs. These trends in frontier technology will create a more promising foundation for previously unimaginable technologies and business models. Together, we have the potential to solve these existential threats.

And it’s our number one mission to champion this future state. Our Mission One.


We are thematic investors backing startups that solve problems we deem to be mission critical. Our focus is to support companies capitalizing on this inflection point to secure our generation’s sustainable future.

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